Protect Your Equipment From Loss Or Theft, Forever.

Never lose or misplace your work equipment again with RestoTracker®.

RestoTracker® has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, don't let equipment loss or theft happen to you!
  • Trusted By Thousands Of Business Around The USA
  • Protected & Recovered $300,000+ Of Equipment
  • Save Months Of Time Recovering Your Assets
  • Enjoy Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Assets Are Safe

Advanced Tracking Software To See Your Equipment Location, At Any Second.

Every customer receives a web dashboard that will allow you to see where all of your equipment is at all times.

RestoTracker® tracking system gives you the exact location of your equipment, the daily historical & lots more information.

Everything you would want to know about your equipment if the situation does arise, RestoTracker® has you covered.

It's No Secret That High Value Equipment Theft Is On The Rise across The United States.

It's sad to hear that only 7.5% of stolen equipment was recovered in 2020. With the RestoTracker system, the chances of recovering your equipment goes way up as it will tell you where it is and the thief will not know they are being followed! So far we have a 100% successful recovery rate!

RestoTracker is a modern asset recovery & tracking system that enables Businesses to...

Easily install hidden GPS technology into your equipment and recovers it without the thief knowing!

Track stolen equipment

To preserve the battery life, the device stays on standby, pinging only once a day. When you're ready to track your stolen equipment location in real-time, you can start tracking within just 1 press of a button.

Recover Stolen equipment

If your equipment gets stolen or is missing, you can easily track the location and recover your equipment within less than 24 hours, viewing all of the information about your equipment in the dashboard.

Avoid being a victim of theft

Finally remove theft & loss from your life once and for all. You can rest well knowing your equipment is trackable and able to be recovered swiftly with the RestoTracker tracking system.

Theft & Loss Happens To The Best Of Us, But You can Protect Yourself With RestoTracker.®

In 2021 alone, RestoTracker helped track and recover over $300,000 worth of stolen equipment, which would have needed to be searched for, a lot of waiting and the potential of being lost forever.

Protect your business and equipment one time, the right way.


It's Small, Compact & undetectable from thieves!

Easily install hidden GPS technology into your equipment and recovers it without the thief knowing!

The Restotracker is small and compact, and can fit in the size of your hand, so it's easy to hide in every piece of equipment!


It's Small, Compact & undetectable from thieves!

Easily install hidden GPS technology into your equipment and recovers it without the thief knowing!

The Restotracker is small and compact, and can fit in the size of your hand, so it's easy to hide in every piece of equipment!

The Simple 3-Step-Process To Protecting Your Equipment, Once & For All.

Purchase & Receive your tracker

We will immediately begin the delivery process and will give your device shipped to your door in just a few days.

Install Tracker In Your Equipment

Easily install the RestoTracker tracking device into your equipment, there is no additional installation required.

Record Your Equipment In RestoTracker

If your items are stolen, you can contact the police and they will help you recover your stolen equipment.

get the Resto Success Tracker shipped directly to your door and start protecting your equipment now!

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what you Receive when you order The Resto 'Success' Tracker:

  •  ​5-Year Battery Driven GPS Locator
  • ​Waterproof IP67
  • ​Tracking & Installation Software ($14.99/Month)
  • ​Magnetic Base
  • ​Attachment Tag
  • Glue 
  • ​​Instructions 
  • ​​30 days Risk Free Resto 'Success' Tracker Service 
  • ​Return Shipping Label

One Time Setup Fee: $149 USD

+ $14.99/Month Membership


what our customers are saying about RestoTracker

My business wouldn't survive

"Dear Steven! I can't thank you enough for recovering my equipment! I was back in business next morning. My business wouldn't survive if we didn't recover my GPR. Thank you so much!!!!"

David Y.
Miami, Florida

Recovered nearly $70.000

"Thank you RestoTracker, we recovered nearly $70.000 of equipment. We'll be recommending you to everyone we know. This is the best $10 we have spent on our business."

John W.
Dallas, Texas

Jaime Heinz
Member Since - 11/2019

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

+ How does your service work?

Our IdentityMaxx service gets you access to our ID Early Warning System that monitors billions of public data sources looking for signs of an identity theft in progress.Identity theft cannot always be stopped therefore RECOVERY is the most important function of any identity theft coverage. Identity Maxx Plus has the industry's leading recovery program. If fraud is detected, we alert you and assign an advocate with a Limited Power of Attorney to act on your behalf. We resolve all issues created by the fraud and restore your identity. We do all the work, bear all the expenses, the hassles and headaches to restore your identity. We recover children's stolen identities as well as the parents.

+What information does your service need from me?

The best part about our service is that you only need to provide your name, address, and phone number. The IdentityMaxx ID Early Warning System can proactively monitor your identity profile without needing you to provide your date of birth or social security number. We don't need you to tell us your SSN for any monitoring that might need a SSN because we can always just get your SSN on our own if we need it by looking at records that contain SSN associated with you once we've found your data based on your name and address. This reality surprises some people who think SSN is like a "password" or "secret," but the reality is that it is just a unique record number that some people and systems use to identify someone (just like name+address or name+dob or name+phone or other unique # is often used to keep track of people).

+ How will I know if my service is working?

Remember, we are monitoring your identity profile 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we see a change in your profile's information or suspicious activity that may be a sign of identity theft we will let you know. But no monitoring can catch everything. That's why you know your service is always working because you are always protected by the safety net of our Identity Theft Recovery services that will do everything we can to restore your stolen identity to pre-victim status.

+ Is your primary service credit monitoring?

No. Credit Monitoring only monitors changes to your credit report data. The IdentityMaxx ID Early Warning System monitors financial and non-financial data sources looking for early signs of identity theft from billions of records that may be related to your identity profile without needing direct access to your credit report.

+ Is there a guarantee that my identity will not be stolen?

No because no monitoring can stop or catch everything, anyone's identity can be stolen. The recovery service is the most important component. Identity Maxx Plus it is the safety net that is always there to make sure someone is protected and will get fraud or other identity theft problems resolved. We cannot guarantee someone won't steal your identity. We do guarantee we will do all the work to fix it. If for any reason we can't we are insured to have whoever is needed fix it and paid for. We also have a stay fixed guarantee, if anything comes back, we fix it again.

+ Who do I call if I have an identity theft problem

Our specially trained identity theft recovery specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. Please do not hesitate to call our recovery center at 1-800-854-6147 if an identity issue arises. Remember time is of the essence to protect your identity.

+When does my rewards program start?

Upon enrolment you will see Maxx Rewards and Rewards Cash on your dashboard. To activate just click on the links and follow the prompts. Under Rewards there is a detailed description on how to use each reward product or service.

+ How do you protect my children?

Now children are a bit different with respect to monitoring in that most of the databases and systems that we aggregate data from do NOT intentionally maintain data on children. So usually with respect to children, we are actually continually re-looking for new records that normally we would not expect to find and/or validating the ongoing absence of data records associated with the monitored children in which case the presence of any records is highly suspect and will often trigger an alert (compared to adults, where we typically expect a significant amount of data and most of it is "expected" and our algorithms are looking for the rare data anomaly that often indicates an identity theft event). If we find your children's identity has been compromised, we will do the recovery of all fraud at no additional cost.

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